Best Buy stole from me!

Update: After filing a transaction dispute with the Resolution Center at PayPal, Best Buy finally refunded my money. Best Buy held my money for 15 days, 9 hours and 53 minutes before giving it back.

Best Buy stole from me

I ordered a computer monitor for my business from Best Buy on Monday, February 14, for delivery by 9 pm that day. That evening, I got an email stating there was a delay with the order, and it will arrive in a few days.

The next day, I contacted Jose S at Best Buy. He told me that the carrier had canceled the order. He offered to reship the item and include a $10 gift card as compensation for the bad experience. He claimed that the replacement would arrive that day. It didn’t.

Jose S : After checking the information, it shows your information, it shows the order ws cancelled by the carrier.

Jose S : My apologies about it.

Jose S : It seems the got some logistic issues with the delivery process.

Jose S : I’m sorry you couldn’t receive your order on time. Allow me to tell you that we can provide you with two options to assist you. The first one is by requesting the reshipment for this item or on the second hand, we can request a refund for your order. What option could be the best for you?

Visitor : When would I get the item?

Jose S : Yo would get it by tomorrow.

Visitor : Reship it.

Jose S : AlrightLet me please start the reshipment process for you.

Jose S : I will also process a $10 gift card as compensation for this bad
experience you got.

Jose S : Thanks so very much for your time.

Jose S : I just finished the reshipment request.

Jose S : And the gift card as well.

A replacement was scheduled

On Wednesday, I contacted Juan O at Best Buy. I told him that the tracking information was inaccurate, and it showed my order as canceled. He stated that a replacement was scheduled and would arrive that day.

Juan O stated that they have the original order listed as delayed, a replacement scheduled, and then canceled. Then a replacement was rescheduled, and I would receive the order that day. He assured me that it would arrive that day. It didn’t.

Visitor : My order is late and information on the website is inaccurate

Juan O : The current order status is showing us that we have the order
processed and ready to be shipped, the estimated arrival that we have is for today

Visitor : I was supposed to have received by 9pm Monday. I Spoke with Jose yesterday. He said he took care of it and it should arrive today but the order status on the web site shows it is delayed. It also shows it was cancelled.

Visitor : The order also shows the total is $XXX.10 which is wrong

Juan O : We have the originally order as delayed, a replacement was scheduled and got cancelled, after it a  different replacement was scheduled and it is the one will be arriving today.

Visitor : Any idea when?

Juan O : Today.

Visitor : Do you know which carrier was used?

Juan O : The status for the replacement is showing us “Scheduled”, no
carrier has been selected yet.

Visitor : But it will be here today?

Juan O : Yes.

They couldn’t process my credit card payment

On Wednesday evening, I received an email stating they couldn’t process my credit card payment, so they canceled the order. Best Buy didn’t have any reason to process a credit card payment as I had already paid with PayPal two days earlier.

“Unfortunately we’ve been unable to process your credit card payment, so we canceled your order. Rest assured, we will credit any other method of payment.”

On Thursday, I contacted Phoebe Walsh at Best Buy. She verified that Best Buy canceled the order because they couldn’t process a credit card payment. I told her I paid through PayPal. She quickly changed her story and then stated that there was damage to the item during shipment, so Best Buy canceled the order. She claimed I would receive a refund within 48 to 72 hours. I didn’t.

Phoebe Walsh :Thomas, we canceled your order. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to process your credit card payment, so we canceled your order.

Visitor : Payment was made on Monday before you shipped. I haven’t
received refund.

Visitor : I paid with Paypal.

Phoebe Walsh : I just review the order and I see that your replacement was cancelled on the 2/16/2022 and it will take 48-72 hours for the refund to be reflected under your paypal account.

Visitor : Why was my ordered cancelled when it was already paid for?

Phoebe Walsh : I do understand the concern but the order was cancelled as
the item got damage during the shipping process.

Phoebe Walsh : I do understand that you are disappointed but as the order
was cancelled on the 2/16/2022 it will take 48/72 hours for the refund to be initiated.

On Friday, February 18, tired of waiting for my refund, I bought the monitor I needed for my small business from Office Max.

The refund was “initiated”

On Monday, February 21, I contacted Keith Cooper at Best Buy. He stated that he checked with the payment team and the refund was “initiated” on February 16. He suggested that I contact PayPal about the refund. He told me that Best Buy would issue a refund 5 to 10 days after the cancellation on February 16. They didn’t.

Visitor : My order was cancelled by Best Buy last week due to a shipping
error but I haven’t received my refund.

Keith Cooper : As I checked on the order I see that the item is cancelled on 02/16/22. The refund will be processed within 5-10 days and will be credited back to your original mode of payment within one billing cycle.

Visitor : Last week I was told 48-72 hours

Keith Cooper : Let me check with the payment team and help you with this.

Keith Cooper : As I checked with the team I see that the item has been
refunded from our end. I kindly request you to check with PayPal for the refund.

Keith Cooper : The refund was initiated on Feb 16, 2022 | 6:47 PM CST.

Visitor : It wasn’t received by PayPal. It’s been 5 days.

Keith Cooper : As I checked I see that the refund has been initiated.

It was 13 days, 5 hours and 3 minutes

It was 13 days, 5 hours, and 3 minutes since they allegedly “initiated” the refund before I got my money.

On February 25, I received, by mail, the $10 Best Buy gift card that Jose promised. I have no intention of using it.

Waiting for an order that will never come

A company as big as Best Buy should be able to afford to hire people with enough brains to fill a simple order and ship it six miles. The last two years have been stressful for everyone. Waiting for an order that will never come only adds to the stress. More now than ever, we rely on the shipping industry and the ability of people to ship products directly to us. If Best Buy can’t get that right, they should get out of the business.

A sorry state of affairs

While Best Buy may have some great prices sometimes, their inability to handle logistics properly is a sorry state of affairs. If I ever purchase anything from Best Buy again, I will physically go to the store to get it. For online orders, I will let the professionals handle them.

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