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One of the things I like best about living in the city is the ability to buy anything at any time, (except beer). When you factor in the Internet as another way to buy, the sky is the limit.

I realized when I got license plate tags for my recreational vehicle (which I could have ordered online) that I had just written the last check in my checkbook. When I got home I found that it was the last check I owned. I’m glad I chose US Bank for my financial services. They don’t charge monthly fees, there’s no minimum balance and they even gave my first box of checks free.

But there’s more. I get interest on my checking account, I can log on to their website and check my balance, transfer funds between accounts, (which saved me from an overdraft), and even download transactions to my computer financial software. They don’t charge for any of these services. For a small fee, I can even pay all my bills using the software on my computer and I never need to worry about going to the post office for stamps.

That seems like a lot of services, but is it enough to make them the best. They, apparently, don’t think so. They took it even one step further and added the ability to order checks right from their website. You can choose your style, add fancy text, add an image and a few other features. In the corner of the page, you can see what the cost is. When you’re finished, shipping and tax are added on and you see how much it will cost before you order. You don’t need a credit card because they charge it right to your account and in a few days your checks arrive. If you ever had a complaint about the way your bank treats you, take a look at US Bank. I’ve tried NetBank, TCF, and Wells Fargo but no bank has ever provided me with better service than US Bank.

I like the fact that I can buy whatever I need anytime without leaving the comfort of my home. Many computer owners know how to use the Internet to buy books, music, software electronics and gifts, but it doesn’t stop there. I can order groceries, pizza, and now, thanks to US Bank, I can even order checks. Now, If I could just find a way to get beer anytime.

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