Save your money for oil!

Why is it that every time there is a disaster the gas prices climb to “unprecedented heights”?

Gouging! That’s why. Everybody that sells anything that is shipped or made from any type of oil-based product seems to cash in on the natural disasters. Frankly, they should be hanged. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and blizzards are devastating. People die or become homeless or, in some instances, lose everything including there jobs, homes and the land they once lived on.

Then, suddenly, gas prices jump sky high! Sure, some of the refineries may have been disabled and workers have left their posts but how can that impact everyone so quickly? A storm hits in the southern states and local gas prices in the north jump up a buck a gallon on the same day. Hey guys, that’s the gas you bought yesterday. Why are you charging more for the same gas I could buy for a buck less per gallon before CNN reported the storm’s effects? GOUGING! That’s why.

But it doesn’t end there. The roofing company wants another grand for the estimate they gave me a month earlier. ” Higher oil prices mean higher prices on roofing materials!” they said. Pizza places in Minnesota start charging a dollar for their “free” delivery. The local natural gas company charges me more for heat even though it’s natural gas. What the hell has oil prices got to do with natural gas? I need a haircut but I am afraid of what I might find out:

“The price of haircuts went up because the scissors and comb I used were delivered by truck and trucks use gas and gas costs more so if I need to buy new scissors or comb it would cost more so I need to charge more now. You see?”

Some businesses will use any excuse to raise prices, especially disasters. Hey lady, how ’bout doing your part to help the storm victims? You could give everyone in the south a free haircut! I’ll even buy you new scissors and comb.

Those fat bastards are screwing the public just to pad their retirement funds. I hope they don’t live long enough to reap the benefits of their evil, greedy ways. Most of those that work for a living and drive to work would probably agree with me and some may even have the decency to take control into their own hands and knock off the bastards before they cause too many families to declare bankruptcy.

Gougers be warned. If you are going to screw all the hard-working folks in America, a country worth fighting for, be prepared to suffer the wrath of Americans and pray that God will have pity on you because the working-class American will not!

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