Is it quiet enough yet?

The law says you need to turn the music down after 10:00 PM but what time can we turn it up again?

People can tell you to shut it down at night but then they get up in the morning and mow their lawns, run their snow blowers and leaf blowers or, in my case, let their kids have percussion instrument hoedown in the backyard while other people are sleeping.

It seems to me that the rule should apply to any loud noises at any given time of day. Think about it. Does everybody get up at 6 or 7? I think not! All the staff at the radio stations and television stations are up all night bringing you the entertainment that you need. What about the police that takes the drunks off the roads at night so you don’t get killed running out for more cigarettes or diapers? How about the firemen that put out the blazing houses and save all the little children from smoke inhalation. Don’t forget the surgeons at the hospital that pull the bullets out of the drive-by shooting victims. They don’t get up at 6 or 7, do they? If they did they’d be pretty tired by 3 AM.

It seems that some of the greatest heroes on the planet don’t get up in the morning. So why is it that people seem to think that it’s okay to make noise in the morning? Perhaps they think “Well, I’m up so everybody else must be up too”. Or maybe they think “I’ve got to get up with these kids so nobody else gets to sleep”. Maybe they don’t realize that the person they are stealing sleep from may be doing surgery on them later that night after the neighbor goes postal on them. I wouldn’t want my surgeon half asleep while he’s got a scalpel in his hand, would you?

If I’ve got to be quiet when they’re sleeping then they should do the same for me. As for the little rug rat that was pounding, without any sense of rhythm, on that drum this morning he should try the kazoo.

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